2018.3.3 Security Fix

2018.3.2 Security Fix

2018.3.1 Hotfix

2018.3.0 Update

2018.2.0 Update

  • Resolved Issues
  •  Improvements
    • Added support for changing service and/or size on MEP Fabrication parts.
    • Improved the offset tag to use the string defined in the centerline duct settings.
    • Improved filter color consistency with fabrication parts.
    • Improved PCF output to report out the material specification.
    • Added support for user defined notes in the PCF output.
    • Added support for elbow angles in the PCF output.
    • Added support for Instrument angle parts in the PCF output file
    • Improved the usability of the Section Box shape control to more reliably detect cursor adjustment.
    • Added the API RevitLinkType.GetLinkedFileStatus() to determine whether a Revit link is loaded, unloaded, or missing
    • Added arrows in canvas to indicate which duct or pipe connector is highlighted in the Select Connector dialog while placing analytical pipe connections or using the Connect Into command.
    • Improved P&ID modeler performance when associating a rvt project with a P&ID project.
    • Improved task dialog to let users edit P&ID settings if no mapping relationship between P&ID class and Revit family is found.

2018.1.1 Hot Fix

2018.1.0 Update

  • Resolved Issues
      • Platform
          • Annotation
            • Improved stability when placing spot elevations.
            • Fixed an issue so that special text characters in the Latvian Windows locale display correctly.
            • Fixed an issue so that the Find/Replace tool and the Check Spelling tool display in the ribbon when multiple text notes are selected.
          • Color Fill
            • Fixed an issue that could affect the display of pipes that are connected by taps when using a system color fill scheme.
            • Fixed an issue that could cause instability in Revit when editing a color scheme.
            • Fixed an issue that could cause color scheme data to change unexpectedly when editing.
          • Content
            • Fixes the visibility and translation of the Family Name Key parameter within Steel Shapes family libraries.
          • Copy/Cut/Paste
            • Improved the stability of copy-paste when used with bind link workflows.
          • Families
            • Improved the stability of project files when copy-pasting families across documents.
            • Improved stability when selecting levels with families which contain a stale ID.
            • Fixed an issue in which some families have no check box in the Purge Unused dialog.
          • IFC
            • Fixed an issue in which DirectShapes of the Structural Framing category were not checked by the Interference Check tool.
          • Import/Export DWF
            • Fixed an issue on DWFx export from very wide Revit sheet views so the resulting DWFx file opens successfully.
            • Fixed an issue when exporting multiple views to individual DWF files resulted in failed creation of certain views.
          • Keynote
            • Improved stability when creating a keynote legend in a model containing document corruption.
            • Improved consistency for keynotes when the numbering method is set to By Sheet and elements exist above the view cut plane.
            • Regenerates keynote legends at the time of print or export operations to improve the accuracy of keynotes near the crop region boundary.
          • Materials
            • Improved stability when editing materials.
            • Fixed an issue on the Materials dialog with tab labels that were not translated to the localized language version.
          • Linked Files
            • Improved stability when a local workshared model is linked and then reloaded from Revit Server.
            • Fixed an issue causing inaccurate length parameter for parts created for walls that are in a rotated linked model.
  • Improvements
    • Simplified Graphics Hardware feedback in Options Dialog.
    • Enhanced renaming of views in the Project Browser by allowing in-line renaming, removing the need for the dialog box.
    • Added the option “Simplify display during view navigation” to the Graphics Option tab to draw hatches and other effects when “Allow navigation during redraw” is selected.
    • Adds possibility to create, modify and apply Browser Organizations to the Schedules/Quantities node of Project Browser.
    • Improved the PCF output to group together similar part types so material lists are cleaner.
    • Added support for exporting MEP Fabrication parts to a .MAJ through the API to improve manufacturing workflows.
    • Added the ability to host rebar in elements that are modeled using in-place bridge categories in the API.
    • Integrated Materials API

2018.0.2 Hot Fix

    • Architecture
      • Stair
        • Improved stability when connecting levels to create Multistory Stair by Monolithic and Precast stair types.
        • Improved stability when disconnecting a precast/cast-in-place multi-story stair.

2018.0.1 Hot Fix

  • Improved stability when using the pick line tool.
  • Improved data integrity of the local project files after download operation when using Collaboration for Revit.