Style (*)Description
FileFile specific report. Multiple files create multiple reports of the specified type.
ReferenceReferenced by other files for Layouts, Headers, Footers, etc.
SpecificSoftware Specific report type. Software is configured to point to only one of the specified files for use in its layout.

Report TypeFile ExtensionStyle (*)OutputNotes
Ancillary Data Field Export* . AEXFileCSV/TXT
Ancillary Reports* . ARPFilePrinterReferences *.NZN (Header/Footer Layout Files)
Nest Print Layout File* . CZNSpecificPrinter
Drawing Worksheet* . DWNFilePrinterWorksheets used by Fabrication Viewer. Can be renamed *.WZN to work as a standard Worksheet
Straight Labels* . DZNSpecificPrinterReferences *.LBL (Label Definitions) for Layout
Item Data Field Export* . IEXFileCSV/TXT
Item Reports* . IRPFilePrinterReferences *.NZN (Header/Footer Layout Files)
Item Labels* . IZNSpecificPrinterReferences *.LBL (Label Definitions) for Layout
Job Data Field Export* . JEXFileCSV/TXT
Label Definitions* . LBLReferencen/aUsed to define Label Layout - Size, Rows, Columns, Spacing, etc.
Linear Data Field Export* . LEXFileCSV/TXT
Linear Nest Reports* . LRPFilePrinterReferences *.NZN (Header/Footer Layout Files)
Spool Sheet Layout* . LTPFileFab ViewerUsed by Fabrication Viewer for Spool Sheet Layout
Part Labels* . LZNSpecificPrinterReferences *.LBL (Label Definitions) for Layout
Machine Use Reports* . MRPFilePrinterReferences *.NZN (Header/Footer Layout Files)
Nest Data Field Export* . NEXFileCSV/TXT
Nest Reports* . NRPFilePrinterReferences *.NZN (Header/Footer Layout Files)
Header/Footer Layout File* . NZNReferencen/aUsed to define Header/Footers for Reports/Worksheets
Oversized Labels* . OZNSpecificPrinterReferences *.LBL (Label Definitions) for Layout
Part Data Field Export* . PEXFileCSV/TXT
Part Reports* . PRPFilePrinterReferences *.NZN (Header/Footer Layout Files)
Opus Worksheet* . PWNFilePrinterReferences *.LBL (Label Definitions) for Layout. References *.NZN (Header/Footer Layout Files)
Nest Labels* . SZNSpecificPrinterReferences *.LBL (Label Definitions) for Layout
Turning Vane Labels* . VZNSpecificPrinterReferences *.LBL (Label Definitions) for Layout
Worksheets* .WZNFilePrinterReferences *.LBL (Label Definitions) for Layout. References *.NZN (Header/Footer Layout Files)