Service Pack 5 (Build 3.04.1100)

  • Enhances area & weight calculations for V-Notches for non S&D connectors.
  • Improves Dynamic Holes visibility when attaching a fitting to a straight duct.
  • Improves stability when using quick takeoff for sub-assemblies that contain opus parts.
  • Improves the connector hole positions when adding holes to parts.

Service Pack 4 (Build 3.04.1080)

  • Improves Design Line by placing new nodes at the default rotation instead of zero.
  • Improves stability when editing sub-assembly sub-items that do not contain any graphics.
  • Improves stability when importing imperial services.
  • Improves the position of template parts in Design Lines that have been previously saved in Autodesk® Fabrication CADmepâ„¢ software.
  • Improves the orientation of directional hangers when using Takeoff as Cut-in.
  • Improves support for proprietary pipework reducer items (CID 2051) with a slope length of less than 0.1-inch.
  • Improves branch connectors on pattern 358 when the Double Wall setting is Active.
  • Improves Multi-service Hanger Takeoff orientation on sloped piping.
  • Improves how couplings are inserted when using the Multi Point Fill feature in a pipe service with risers.

Service Pack 3 (Build 3.04.1040)

  • Notch options on oversize seams have been improved to produce expected results.
  • Improved stability when the application is launched with no Add-ins installed.
  • Improved connector (SKEY code) assignment details on elbows when exporting to a PCF file.
  • Improved behavior of Double Wall and Inside\Outside options in insulation specifications.
  • When new Design Line Templates are created, they are now immediately displayed within the service.
  • Improved the display of Design Line elevation history units.
  • When entering text using the Notes field on the Takeoff dialog, the text auto-complete behavior has been improved to more accurately reflect the text being typed in by the user.
  • Improved the ability to multi-select ancillaries.
  • Improved stability in using Multi Service Takeoff with Hangers when objects are pre-selected.
  • Improved stability when using a Z Strap Hanger while using the Fix Relative option.
  • Improved subassemblies behavior when merging jobs.
  • CID 518 – The visibility of the exhaust fan symbols has been improved.
  • CID’s 114, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359, 580, 831, 889 – Improved Insulation to be central from branch.

Service Pack 2 (Build 3.04.988)

  • Improved usability when displaying Processes menu when the process list contains a large amount of entries.
  • Improved the behavior of Design Line fills to obey line overrides.
  • Improved stability when re-filling in Design Line.
  • Improved scripting filename method to handle multiple points in the item filename.
  • Improved load and save behavior on Design Line Elevation, Terminal and Offset History parameters so that drawing files now open in an acceptable length of time.

Service Pack 1 (Build 3.04.966)

  • CIDs 7, 417, 947 – Enhanced dimensional accuracy on when using connector straight adjusts with the Top Extension.
  • CID 104 – Enhanced so the 3D model length is consistent with that of CID 8.
  • CID 397 – Improved stability when developing holes.
  • CID 996 – Improved reporting of End Size.
  • CID 1112 – Improved sheet metal developments when the part is lined or lagged.
  • CID 149 – Improved placing part by opposite end when changing Inlet/Outlet option.
  • Improved swage connector visibility on round and oval fittings with a swage length of less than 1 inch.
  • Improved usability when loading the Database to prevent the toggle of Units setting (Imperial or Metric).
  • Improved usability of Fabrication and Installation Times Tables when importing from legacy .mtt files.
  • Improved the JOB button on the Autodesk Fabrication ESTmep Utility Bar to now include the Open, Save and Close buttons, for consistency with the Autodesk® Fabrication CAMductâ„¢ Utility Bar.
  • Improved usability when displaying Processes menu when the Process List contains a large number of entries.
  • Improved stability when exporting 3D models to DWFâ„¢ and DWFx formats.
  • Improved cost data for support components when the support interface is not displayed in the Takeoff dialog Item tab.
  • Improved Multiple Item Properties to select inside insulation for ductwork.