Ever wish you could have access to Autodesk software at home? Well, you can. There’s several ways depending on your situation. Here’s how…

Free: 30-Day Trial

Most Autodesk software allows you to download and install a 30-day free trial. Simply go to Autodesk’s web site and download what you’e looking for.


Free: Licenses for Students and Educators

Autodesk allows students and educators free access to Autodesk software. You can find more information from your school or from Autodesk’s web site.


Free: Home use Licenses from your Employer.

Autodesk allows employees home use licenses of software to use at home while that are not at work. Your company’s contract manager or software coordinator will need to work with you to get you access. I they are unsure of the rules, your Autodesk reseller can help answer their questions. More information can be found on Autodesk’s web site.


Low Cost: AUGI Professional Membership w/ADN Access

The Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) has negotiated and agreement with Autodesk where you can get an Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) Standard membership when you purchase a $100 AUGI Professional Membership.

Autodesk Developer Network is the program where commercial developers, corporate developers and independent developers can get access to Autodesk’s software for development purposes. Note that you may need to Email AUGI after signing up to get details on how to apply for the Autodesk ADN membership. This information was not provided proactively by Autodesk when I signed up. Because the ADN membership is geared toward developers and authors, the application process asks for a lot of information that’s not relevant in the case of those gaining access from AUGI so you’ll want to follow AUGI’s instructions for applying and fill out the information as best you can. You can get more information from AUGI’s web site.