The following are the miscellaneous global variables and constants that are used for a variety of purposes in COD scripts. Use is typically covered in the function reference they apply to.

eo_never2Unknown purpose / use
null0Number meaning no value. Same as zero
voidSpecial variable used when wanting to specify a default parameter
time_secs1Second Time Units
time_mins2Minute Time Units
time_hours3Hours Time Units
foroutput1File access mode for writing files
forinput2File access mode for reading files
istext4File access mode for text files
isunicode12File access mode for Unicode text files
file_end-1Used by file.position to indicate file end
file_start0Used by file.position to indicate file start
lock_user1Used by item.dblock.can() to check access
lock_owner2Used by item.dblock.can() to check access
exec_default0Used by EXEC function for default execution
exec_wait1Used by EXEC function to wait for program to complete before continuing
exec_show_normal0Used by EXEC function for normal window
exec_show_min16Used by EXEC function for minimized window
exec_show_max32Used by EXEC function for maximized window
mappath_backup[path]Path to BACKUP folder
mappath_blocks[path]Path to BLOCKS folder
mappath_cnc[path]Path to CNC folder
mappath_database[path]Path to DATABASE folder
mappath_dxf[path]Path to DXF folder
mappath_filter[path]Path to FILTER folder
mappath_home[path]Path to MAP.ini folder
mappath_images[path]Path to IMAGES folder
mappath_install[path]Path to MAP.ini folder
mappath_items[path]Path to ITEMS folder
mappath_parts[path]Path to PARTS folder
mappath_project[path]Path to PROJECT folder
mappath_remnants[path]Path to REMNANTS folder
mappath_reports[path]Path to REPORTS folder
mappath_scripts[path]Path to SCRIPTS folder